To Company’s Manager

We suggest that you should think over an opportunity of hotel building in Ekaterinburg.

Ekaterinburg, the third largest city of Russia, is the capital of the Urals. Its’ population is 1.3 mln people. The contemporary economic development of the city is determined not only by the level of industrial manufacture of large enterprises, but by the state of trade, service sphere, financial market as well. Facts that have a good effect on the development of entering tourism in Ekaterinburg are:

The investment attractiveness of Ekaterinburg defines itself by the highest investment potential and the average investment risk among the sites with population more than 1mln. people. We suggest the allotments, which The Ekaterinburg City Government gives exercising our rights as the rental law. We can register officially the building permission.

1. 16-floors building (in south part of the city, Chkalovsky district, Sherbakov street) includes two-circle underground parking (300pl\m), general square — 29 640 sq.m. It’s disposed near the foot of sport (down-hill skiing) complex “Uktus” straight next to the airport “Uktus”, not far from TAC “Ekaterininsky”, which includes the trade and exhibition centre (where the different exhibitions of region’s and city’s administration take place), grocery mall, aqua park.

The hotel has a future trend because of a fast development of SC “Uktus”. A decision about the reconstruction and turning complex to a large-scale tourist centre for the stage a sport international contest was made by Governor and Government of Sverdlovsk region. Two big spring-boards are at the design stage now. An order for its manufacture is placed in Germany. The new mountain-skiing lines were built conjointly with the Slovak company. The building of “Disney-Land” park is in plan. A trolleybus station is next to the future hotel. The dwelling-place “Stone Brook”, general square −50 000 m2, is planning immediately behind the hotel.

2. 9-floors building (in Octyabrsky region, Narodnoy Voli Street), general square — 5 700 m2, is disposed in a central part of the city, in a place of rest and cultural leisure activities of the townsfolk. The park “Zelenaya Roscha”, that is a place of interest of the city, is situated next to the future hotel. The museums of regional, a church, a convent are located at the park territory. A visit to the park “Zelenaya Roscha” is a part of the tourist programs for the city’s guests.

A sport stadium and a swimming-pool “Junoct” are disposed on the opposite side of the building. Mass cultural and sport events (car-races, competitions, show-programs) are held there.

The future hotel is located nearly the central 8 Marta street, lots of café and shops are there (grocery stores, domestic technique, souvenirs, fur and genuine leather goods, jeweller’s and others).

The Sverdlovsk state circus, a subway station, the large-scale trade centre “Vesenny”, one of the largest grocery stores “Kupets” are situated next to the building (500m).

The hotel has a future trend because of its location — down town, convenient means of transport (a tram, a bus, a shuttle and subway) and beautiful park.

3. 25-floors building (in Zheleznodorozhny region, Vostochnaya Street, 18), general square — 16 900 m2, is disposed on the biggest highway of Ekaterinburg, immediately near the railway station.

According to the General plane of Ekaterinburg city development Vostochnaya Street will be widen, that will supply multistrip two-way traffic. The construction of the bridge, which would connect Vostochnaya Street (Zheleznodorozhny region) with Pionersky region, the other large-scale district of the city — was already begun.

The hotel has a future trend because of its location next to the large road junction with the directions of Centre, Uralmash, Pionersky and Sortirovka district.

Also we can offer the other allotments to invest to the hotel building in Ekaterinburg, which are in registration stage of the building permission.

We ask you to connect us in case of your interest.

Sincerely yours,

General manager V.S. Lukach

620062, Ekaterinburg, Lenin str., 85

fax: +7 (343) 263-77-12, 216-38-41

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